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As with every good thing, it takes time.
After 15 years of experience, skills and hard work around the world learning from the best pastry chefs, I started Breda in SLO. With my Michelin-star background, I am proud to bring a taste of unique Italian delicacies to the California central coast!

- Florencia Breda, pastry chef and founder

hand-painted art that you can eat

Our chocolates are hand crafted in small batches, in our San Luis Obispo shop. The bonbons are hand-painted and hand-shelled and take multiple days to create. The fillings are sourced locally, as well as ethically from around the globe in order to bring you the finest flavors of Italy. Each mold is polished by hand to ensure a beautiful shine in order to showcase their hand painted design. They taste even better than they look, and will transport you to a new experience in chocolate and desserts. 

gourmet chocolates

hand-made in our shop, you will find something different every day!

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always top quality, fresh ingredients. naturally derived sugars, delicious and creamy yet light and airy.

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